hen I asked Ron Polinder to read Reunion, he wasn't sure he had the time.  A stack of other books and his own literary pursuits caused him to hesitate.  Eventually, he agreed and read the book.  This is his unedited review.


"When first asked to write a review of “Reunion,” I was inclined to turn it down given the stack of unread books sent by other friends. My wife Judy dissuaded me, nudging me to fulfill brother Baron’s request.

There was a second reason for my hesitation—I have not been a reader of novels. On what grounds could I offer a meaningful, credible response?

Well, that changed rather quickly once I started to read. An interesting cast of characters showed up, well-developed, and


authentically placed in their cultural context.  And the lead family in the story is quite reflective of many of today’s families—much has gone awry, and they have drifted to desperately in a different direction.

Midway through the story, an astonishing turn of events unfolds, almost enough to make you mutter “fiction is stranger than truth” after all. Yet, I didn’t put it down—I needed an outcome.

The plot took me along, the actors won me over, redemption came into view, and tears welled up in my eyes at their reunion, while I was sitting in my living room.

Captivating, heart-wrenching, hopeful!


Roger is homeless and decaying into entropy. His sister is lost to anger.


Near-death, Roger, and his dysfunctional family are forced into a painful bedside reunion.


Does blood run thick enough for a family reconciliation? Can a father and his daughter put their similarities aside to learn to love again?

       did not ask Bev Manning to read my book, but she did.  She graciously sent me an email with her review.  I'm grateful for friends like Bev.



      Finished your book, Reunion.  A great read! (The ending had me fighting tears actually).  


Loved the various perspectives of the characters and your choice of words in describing them – their inner character as people; their values – and how that played out in the story.   Great descriptors. 


One of my favorites is how you described a ‘soul.’   And the storyline itself was very interesting, and clever…  a lot  of unexpecteds.  Very creative! 

You are definitely a gifted writer – and should keep this up for sure! 

          medical doctor and an author of his own book- a humorous look at practicing medicine, Dr. Edgerly agreed to read Reunion.  


"A wonderful, enjoyable read! Emotionally grips the heart strings and hopefully reminds all of us of the broken people we encounter in our lives--many times, in our own families.


We all need reunions and reunions need us. As a physician, sometimes the only difference between me and a broken patient is the personal forgiveness someone has extended to me.


This book will challenge you to forgive others and to maybe forgive yourself."


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I was born in Bellingham, Washington to a young well-adjusted couple with some prior experience. Two older brothers provided the road map for what it would take to compete while a younger brother and two sisters kept me grounded. Life growing up was filled with rambunctious cousin birthday parties, building ramps for bicycles, and dreaming of an even bigger prank.

An interest in writing developed after an earnest attempt was made in carving a mark in the business world. With not a single plaque or award earned for not having accumulated the most, I dove into writing about things and people with the same Walter Mitty determination. If I could imagine it, I could write about it creating reality as real as any dream.

Today, I'm a bit aged, a bit cynical, still borderline delusional, a grandfather, and father to four great kids who prove every day that one can overcome their genetics. My wife, a determined person, has hung out with me for over 40 years.